Monday, 10 November 2008

Blog candy and awards

Second post of the day and I just have to say HOW MISERABLE A DAY IS IT????!!!! It's been pouring with rain for the last god knows how many hours!!  Anyway, moan over!! My lovely friend Fi is giving away some fab blog candy so pop over and check it out! Winner will be announced on 18th November.

Denise has tagged me- thanks Denise! I haven't had this particular tag before so I thought I'd give it a go and answer the questions.

1. My husband, family and friends- nothing in the world more important!!!
2. Crafting and blogging!!!!
3. Laughing
4. Dancing
5. Yoga

1. CFS/ME 
2. Arrogant/selfish/thoughtless people
3. Rainy days
4. Baked beans ewww!!!
5. TV progs designed to humiliate people

1. George Michael
2. Madonna
3. Take That
4. U2
5. Justin Timberlake

1. Water- believe it or not, it's my favourite drink!
2. Red wine
3. Chocolate digestives- well anything with chocolate to be honest
4. Pasta
5. Salmon

Now I know I'm meant to pass this on but I like to be free and easy :0) so if anyone chooses to pick it up from my blog, then leave a comment so we can find out your likes/dislikes x

Finally, I'm so chuffed that June has given me this award. Coming from June it's a huge compliment as I absolutely adore her crafts because they're more arty and are very different to alot of blogs out there. She's inspiring me so much to get into doing ATCs, I can't wait to get started! I've already been thinking of ideas for series of ATCs so watch this space!! But not only has June given it to me but also Jackie!!! Now Jackie totally wowed me over with photos of her craft room (see the bottom of her blog), I thought I was lucky!!... I love Jackie's blog because she makes all different types of crafts, not just cards and I especially lurve her candles, so much so that I'm going to give them a go myself, I think they'd make great presents. So thank you ladies!

I'd like to dedicate this award to all my lovely followers, so please do grab it and pop it on your blog. You constantly inspire me and make me want to stretch my imagination and the techniques I use. Thank you! x


June said...

Oh Steph what lovely things to say. I love your blog, its definitely beautiful, much more interesting than mine and you make gorgeous crafting makes ... you soooo deserve this one.
I shall try and join in some of the blog candy and things if i get time too
Hugs June xxx

strawberry fields said...

Hi Steph
thanks for posting my blog candy. Well done for the blog award...much deserved! I loved reading your fav things. I've been tagged but have been too ill to put it up or make any cards then we had friends staying....must get back to it xxx