Tuesday, 4 November 2008

These next 2 photos show my embellishment drawers which are on the right hand side of the bookcase. The top drawer contains caddies with gems, eyelets, sequins, brads, hot fix crystals & my hot fix crystal applicator.

This lower drawer shows other embellishments like chipboard letters and stick-on embellishments etc.

Here is how I store my card and paper. I have a Papermania storage file for both. Then on the left hand side you can see I have 2 separate boxes for card and paper scraps and there is also some chipboard stored. I tend to store 12 x 12" paper pads whole initially rather than split them up and the other plastic box on the right is for handmade paper.

Here is my desk tidy which I absolutely love to bits. Originally I was going to get one from Betterware which was much smaller with drawers but this is absolutely perfect! At the back there are compartments for all my cuttings tools; all adhesives eg pritt stick, PVA, Glossy Accents, beading glue, glue pens; and other tools eg bone folder, eyelet tools, embossing pens, files. The next row in front holds stationery bits and glue dots, sticky pads, cocktail sticks etc. The bit at the front is really big and enables me to store projects I'm currently working on plus things I'm thinking about eg something I've seen in a magazine or a book review I've seen. To the right you can see I've got a couple of pots on my desk which hold my paint brushes & stationery. I also usually have an old jam jar on there as well for holding water for painting.

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Anonymous said...

Ooh Steph, that's fab. Put's mine to shame. Do you want to come round here and organise me! I've bought some tables from Ikea as well, they're the white vika amon tables - I've got 3 and put them together in the middle of the room to make one big table. It means I can have both my sewing and embellisher machines out all the time and have space to work. It doesn't look anywhere near as good as yours though. Have fun crafting - Jenn xx