Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Personal stuff and new crafty stash

I'm having a bit of a bad day today. As you might have noticed I haven't really crafted properly for quite a while (the presents I'd made a while ago). I haven't been able to craft for practical reasons but also I haven't really felt like crafting because it seems like such a trivial thing to do at a time like this but I have missed it. 

Crafting has helped me so much with regards to my CFS that I think it's been like some kind of therapy so I'm hoping it will help me get through my Dad's illness. So I hope that soon I will be able to do some posts of new crafts I've made once I feel able to get started again. It's just a really difficult time at the moment.

In the meantime as promised here are the pics of my new Christmas presents. Some of which I had picked out, some of which were total surprises from my husband. First off are the lovely Forever Friends stamps. These were a surprise and my husband even said to me "I picked what ones I thought you'd get the most use out of"!!! My hubbie is so great about my crafting.

Next up are some gorgeous Stampington stamps, Penny Black and Changito Monkey (I love that cheeky one!)

Look at this whole range of Laura Ashley stuff. This was all a complete surprise. 12"x12" paper, paper strips, ribbons, stamps, embellishments- all to match! I'm looking forward to using this with my Stampington stamps.

Lovely lovely Stamping Bellas and a couple of fellas! So excited about these as I've been wanting to get some for ages. Stamping Bella was offering free postage to anywhere in the world in November so I thought I'd take advantage.

Some clear stamps as well. Hero Arts cupcakes and more Stampington ones which will be great for ATCs and vintage style cards.

A load of embellishments, ribbons, hot fix crystals etc. Mainly from Poppicrafts.

I've noticed more people have been using gorgeous swirls on their cards and they look so wonderful so I thought I'd take the plunge and get a Sizzix swirl. The punch is the Lazy Days of Summer one which I think will be great for girly and vintage cards.

A whole load of American Crafts cardstock- Pastel, Tropicals and Autumnal. 

And lastly this great book. I know it's not alot different from looking at sketches and card on people's blogs but I liked the idea of having an actual book. It's great and I can highly recommend it. All the samples in it are fab.


LOUISE said...

Wow Steph, what a lovely stash of goodies, just loving those Stamping bella stamps, I am green with envy!! You certainly have a lot of lovely stash. Hope you fell better soon, and will keep my eyes peeled on your Blog. All the very best for 2009! Lou x

Natalie said...

Wow, what great goodies, I cannot wait to see your new creations. x

Sarita said...

Hi Steph,
I know what you mean about crafting as therapy. I too do not have very good health and it helps me enormously.
I'm sorry to hear your dad is poorly. Take your time steph, and start crafting again when you're up to it.
I LOVE all your crafting goodies-I'm green with envy. You'll certainly have lots of new new stash to play with when you are up to it!
Take care Steph and I'll check back with you again soon,
Love Sarita xx

strawberry fields said...

What a lovely load of pressies! You lucky girlie!
Your hubby is so so sweet and thoughtful.
Chat to you soon
Love Fi xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow! What great stash to play with when you feel up to it. Sorry to hear you and your Dad are not well, my thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Take care, hugs Christine x

Anonymous said...

Wow! What great stash to play with when you feel up to it. Sorry to hear you and your Dad are not well, my thoughts and prayers are with you both.

Take care, hugs Christine x

Kristine said...

Hi Steph!
Wow what fabulous stuff you got there!
San't wait to see what you'll create with this;)
And I just have to say I LOVE the Christmas presents you made in the earlier posts!
Have a nice weekend!


Wow Steph you certainly did buy loads of lovely stash for your birthday you lucky girl. I am looking forward to seeing what you ake with it all hun. I hope your dad is okay. I have lost your email address can you email me when you get a free minute. Thank you hun. speak soon, big hugs linda x

Anonymous said...

Just popped over to say `Hi`Hope your well Steph:)

LOUISE said...

Hi Steph, Hope you are well. I have an award for you on my BLog! Thanks
Lou x

Maggie said...

wow,nice stuff
thanks for stopping by!