Saturday, 11 July 2009

So sorry.....

I've been such a bad blogger!! No posts and I haven't visited any of your lovely blogs for ages! It's a really difficult time for me at the moment. My Dad's business and travelling and all the stress/grief that goes along with everything is taking up all of my time and energy. Though my CFS is loads better, I'm still not 100% so I get tired easily anyway so I'm completely and utterly exhausted. I have no creative energy or any energy at all really. 

So I'm taking a little break from blogging for at least a few more weeks and I hope you'll visit me soon when I'm back up and running again.

Have fun crafting and I can't wait to have a look at all your lovely creations when I get back xxx


Sue said...

Hi Steph
miss ya, you take care hun n come back when ya fit n ready, hugs, sue.x

June said...

Hey you just take it easy. You are not a bad blogger ... just human and lovely. its nice to see you back and no worries we all have other lives so you must just enjoy your time and try not to stress too much ... i am an expert at stress so please believe me
Hugs June xxxx

LOUISE said...

H Steph, take it easy hun, and don't overdo it. We will miss you, but we will also look forward to you coming back very soon. Lots of love and hugs Lou x

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph I hope you feel better soon. Don't over do it like I have been doing! I am trying to catch up today with blogging as I have been too busy or tired to bother with the 'puter properly. Email me anytime if you wanna chat or anything x x

Sarita said...

Hi Steph,
Take things easy, and we'll see you when you are ready to come back,
Love Sarita xx

Jules said...

Hi Steph

I am sorry that things are so tough for you at the mo. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you - even though you are on a "blog break".

It is bad enough to lose your Dad without having to handle all this responsibility whilst you are feeling less than 100%.

Your Dad would be proud of you and I bet your Mum is counting her blessings that you are working so hard to do what needs to be done.

You take care Steph - we will all be here waiting for your return.

Love Jules xx

mckinkle said...

Hello Steph,

Hope all is going well at your end! Look forward to seeing you in the future when you get a bit more free time!
I have somethng waiting for you on your return!

Keryn x