Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New video!

Hi. A mid-week post today- just to let you know I've done a new stash video which you can view on my Tips &Videos page or click here. It's my recent Stamping Bella purchases and features stamps such as Bellas, Fellas, Uptown Girls, Lulus, Cristy Crolls, Mo Mannings and Kettos. Yep, it was a biiiiiig purchase! Do leave me a message and tell me what you think! x


Tonya H said...

Steph, Thanks for the great video. Loads of cute stamps. I love your honesty. It lets others know what you like and what you are not super happy with. I must say I also adored listening to you. Now when I read your posts I can hear it in my head in your own voice.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Congratulations on being spotlighted at Paper Creations Ink. Your card is fabulous.

Michelle said...

Great haul Steph, thanks for sharing with us. Loved watching it xx