Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New PTI stash!

Look what hubbie brought back from the States....!!!

I mentioned that this year I'd really try to experiment with some CAS cards so I decided to do a "basics" PTI shop ie card, paper, ribbon- NO STAMPS!!! Shock horror! (Though I'm going to buy some later in the year!)

I bought some of the plain silk ribbon for a change as usually I buy the saddlestitch.

Then I got some paper packs-mainly the ones that cover a range of their colours.

And I added some more felt to my collection. I lied- one stamp set- this was free! x

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Christine L said...

Oooh wowwwwwwwww Steph.... you lucky lady!

I did a PTI order on Tuesday... it's taken me since Sept to work up to it, so my wish list had got bigger... Finally it came to about $260!! Do hope it doesn't get stopped in customs, but won't hold my breath!

Christine x