How I Organise- Papers



You might have noticed that I have A LOT of papers! I’m kind of a paper addict and rarely make a card without using 3-5 different papers. My preference is generally for 6x6” paper pads but I do also have some 8x8” pads, 12x12” pads and some loose 12x12” papers.

My papers are stored largely on the bottom two shelves of this IKEA KALLAX SHELVING UNIT with this KALLAX SHELVING UNIT added on the end.

 I organise my pads on the whole by size. The vast majority of my papers are my 6”x6” pads which are stored alphabetically by manufacturer separated by dividers I made. I store my 6x6" pads in these white boxes from Ikea which I believe are now retired.

I'm currently using 9 of these boxes.

At the end I have a black box which I recycled for use for my Kaisercraft pads as they are that awkward size of just over 6x6".

I then store my 8x8” pads in these PAPER HOLDERS by Cropper Hopper. These tend to have entire boxes devoted to a manufacturer e.g. LOTV and Papertrey Ink. I then have a miscellaneous 8x8” box at the end.

12x12” papers are stored within/on top of this storage unit. I store my 12x12” pads in two CROPPER HOPPER PAPER HOLDERs on the top but individual papers are stored in my BEST CRAFT ORGANISER PAPER STORAGE UNIT from Storage 4 Crafts. I store these primarily by colour but then also have a drawer for “collections” where I have a number of loose pages from a particular paper collection; “October Afternoon” has its own drawer as I went through a phase of buying a lot of their loose 12x12” pages; “Singles” denotes multi-coloured pages which didn’t fit in with any particular colour. I then store acetate, mulberry, shrink plastic and vellum here.

I then store my Christmas papers together separated (regardless of manufacturer) by size. I have one CROPPER HOPPER PAPER HOLDER for 8x8", one CROPPER HOPPER PAPER HOLDER for 12x12" and two IKEA BOXES for 6x6".

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me!

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