Sunday, 31 December 2017


As it's the last day of the year I thought I'd share with you my review of my 2017's To Do List and what I achieved or didn't achieve!! And my thoughts for 2018!

Plus of course I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR for tomorrow!! Love ya!!

Here was this year's list…

2017 was a bit of a different year for me and was definitely a year of reflection. I gave up all Design Teams in May to give myself a break from the deadlines and feeling the need to craft. It was a big step as I’ve constantly been on many DTs since I first started crafting. This gave me time to focus on doing some courses, using some different stamps, doing Project Life (about my little boy) and some other little projects I haven’t had time to do.

I also had a massive think about my blog and about the type of crafter I want to be. At the start of 2017 I was very focused on finishing my blog, doing blog videos, sharing craft hauls and wanting to do some technique-based tutorial videos. Well, during my year of reflection, I decided to scrap all of that!! The simple reason is I just don’t have the time and I thought, hang on a minute, why spend time doing craft haul videos when I could spend that time crafting??!! So I deleted my YouTube channel and those sections on my blog. Sorry to those of you who enjoyed viewing them- I know I love looking at other people’s- but I just can’t fit it all in.

  •  I finished my blog overhaul and overhauled it further by deleting the video sections but it is done now!
  •  As I said above, I’m no longer doing haul videos.
  • I’ve had a ball doing Project Life about our son. He’s 4 now and since the beginning of the year, I’ve been documenting moments in his life. I’m now on our second album and we love flicking through them, looking back on funny moments, what he said etc. I heartily recommend it!
  • As I gave up my DTs, I made a lot of non DT cards this year. 
  • I completed a hair and skin copic class this year but still have a clothes one and backgrounds one I’d like to do.
  • I completed my Distress Inks course and have been making quite a few cards using this medium- generally LOTV and Purple Onion.
  • I’ve yet to begin my online pencils class
  • I completed my online planner course. Ironically, planner decoration is something else that I’ve given up this year due to time constraints.
  • I’ve decorated a few pages in my Smash book- yet to show you on my blog. I would like to carry on doing more in my Smash book.
  • Unfortunately I haven’t had time to experiment with mixed media though I did make a few cards using stencils for the first time (yet to show you on my blog) so that was a start!
  • I didn’t start the die inventory
  • I used my my copic airbrush (a couple of weeks ago!) but I've struggled with the quality of the coverage (very patchy) so I need to investigate why it's not working as I'd hoped
  • I think I entered 2 challenges though I did win a lovely MFT voucher from one of them!
So this is this year's list. What, if any, plans do you have for this coming year? Craft room organisation? Learning a new technique? I'd love to hear! x

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