Wednesday, 21 June 2017

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone! I'm back!
Thanks for sticking around whilst I was on my break, it's great to see you again!!

Sooooo, what's been going on @ Honey Bootique?!
Well, the truth is, life has been kicking me around a bit and I decided I needed a rethink and so it was with a VERY heavy heart I decided to step down from my Design Teams and have a break from all the deadlines. Pretty scary seeings as I've been on DTs since a couple of months after I started blogging like 10 years ago or something! 

I have been SO upset about resigning from Stamping Bella- they are my fav stamping company and at times, I thought, are you mad??!! But I need it and that's that. Em, of course, has been so supportive- love ya, Em!

The break has refreshed my mojo and I'm definitely going to take some time to experiment so you'll be seeing me using lots of different stamp companies, different mediums, different techniques.... Sounds fun, right?! 

So for my return I've decided to show you a card I made using Distress Inks- a totally new medium for me. Of course I had to return with a Stamping Bella design so here is the very beautiful Tiny Townie Garden Girl Poppy...

I coloured her with Distress Inks- I used quite a few colours for the dress- yellows and oranges, as well as reds- I hope you can see the subtle colour changes. As I said Distress Inks are totally new to me so I am still learning and have a lot to learn. I love the really delicate, blended Distress Ink designs that I see a lot of around but I don't really do pale- I gotta have colour!! So I think this will probably more be my style with a more traditional watercolour feel to it but who knows? I guess my style is still developing. Let me know if you wanna know what inks I've used for a particular project as I've actually started writing them down now!!

Hopefully you can see a bit more of the subtle colour changes here.

Anyhoo, it's fab to be back! See you all soon! xxx

Crafty stash used: Stamps (Stamping Bella, PTI); Distress Inks; Paper (PTI); Dies (MFT); Sequins (Doodlebug)

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Leslie said...

Oh Steph, so happy to see you back and with a bella image to boot! I adore your cards, colouring your shading… I have learned so much from just looking at your cards. This one is gorgeous!